West Kettering – Noise Mapping for Residential Development

Project brief: WBM was initially approached in 2005 by agents representing landowners for a site at West Kettering adjacent to the A14 trunk road, to undertake a preliminary noise assessment for a proposed large scale residential development.

Acoustic aspects: The proximity of the site to the A14 meant that road traffic was a significant noise source.

For our initial involvement in 2005-2008, the measurement of traffic noise levels across the undeveloped site was used to consider Noise Exposure Categories, as introduced by PPG 24 Planning and Noise in 1994. Noise mapping work using SoundPlan was undertaken by WBM to calculate future road traffic noise levels across the site for the indicative form of residential development at an early stage in the planning process. This allowed the Council to review and comment on the likely future road traffic noise levels, with further schemes tested that were designed to create areas with lower noise levels and subsequently permission was granted.

In 2012 WBM updated the noise maps prepared for the site to take into account revisions and updates to the housing development, and also changes in planning guidance as PPG 24 had been revoked and replaced with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). BS 8233 was used to provide design levels for internal noise and external levels in gardens. WBM liaised with the development consultants to achieve a housing layout that maximised screening to other parts of the site.

From 2013 WBM has continued to be involved with the site, working with the house builders to assist with more detailed examination of layouts and phasing to maximise the potential of the site and to allow for changes brought about by social and commercial pressures. To complete the package, we have also provided assessments relating to an associated sewage treatment plant and electricity sub stations.

Outcome: WBM has provided support to different parties involved with this site through the various stages of planning, helping to obtain planning permission and providing ongoing acoustic consultancy as the site is developed.

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