About WBM


Solutions for a Quieter Life

…represents and defines so much of what WBM does for you…

  • Experience, confidence and credentials to bring you reassurance
  • Professional, organised and logical to provide you with clarity
  • Problem solving leading to practical solutions to enhance your project
  • Noise reduction and sound insulation for improved quality of life



    • Mitigation of potential impacts to assist you with your application
    • Agreeing timescales and delivering on time, giving you peace of mind
    • Technical support and quick response to make your life easier
    • Building a long term beneficial relationship so that you can depend on us


About WBM

whoweare-thumbWBM (the trading name of Walker Beak Mason Limited) is an acoustic consultancy which has been independent and focused on delivering a first class service for 50 years. We specialise in architectural & building acoustics, environmental noise, planning issues and expert work.

WBM is a member of the Association of Noise Consultants and is also a corporate member of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment. The Consultants are all members of the Institute of Acoustics.

The business was formed in 1970 by Dr Angus Walker who developed the areas of environmental acoustics, in particular the noise aspects of open site working, such as quarries, landfill and construction sites, transportation noise and planning appeal work. In 1972 Colin Beak joined the business and developed the architectural and building acoustics fields developing the entertainment and leisure areas of the business. Dr Paul Cockcroft led WBM through a transitional period of change of offices and consultants until his retirement as a partner in 2021. The team at WBM continued with Rachel Canham and Dr Richard Lyons as partners. WBM became a Limited Company in April 2022.

The team at WBM know that the most important asset we possess is the relationship we have developed with our clients and we aim to demonstrate that on a daily basis. We have developed a Client Charter & Credentials document as further evidence of the importance of the relationship with our valued clients. You can download a copy of our Client Charter here.

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