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Vibration Focus

WBM provides professional advice and monitoring services for ground borne and structure borne vibration as well as the full range of noise consultancy services.

WBM has worked on a variety of projects requiring input regarding vibration, such as advising on minimising plant vibration, monitoring of vibration due to piling and construction activity and assessing the impact on sensitive premises/equipment of vibration from nearby industrial activity.

Vibration survey work conducted by WBM has included both short term attended sample measurements and longer term monitoring of ongoing site activity by means of installed vibration monitoring equipment.

Examples of our work in this area include:

British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), London
WBM has acted for the BBFC since 2008 with regard to potential noise and vibration from the Crossrail project construction and operational activities in Soho Square, London including vibration disturbance affecting projector operation. WBM reviewed documents supplied to the BBFC by Crossrail and provided comments and recommendations. Appropriate noise and vibration management systems are now in place to minimise the impact at the BBFC of Crossrail construction activity.

Trocadero ResizedTrocadero Hotel & Cinema London
Consideration of noise and vibration limits for activity arising from construction of a hotel within the Trocadero Complex, measurement and review of mock-up demolition activity on site and advice on an existing cinema in the same Complex.

Siemens Data Centre Nottingham
Vibration tests for breaking out and removal of an external area of concrete slab located close to sensitive electronic data storage devices operating within the facility.

Electron Microscope Facility
Initial assessment for feasibility study for proposed electron microscope facility, review of acoustic criteria and advice on constructions and sound insulation.

Long term unattended vibration monitoring, with remote reporting and warning facility, near to dwellings arising from activity associated with demolition, piling activity and construction for a school on Canvey Island.

Grundon Materials Recycling Facility Banbury
Vibration measurements were taken adjacent to a new access road to a Materials Recycling Facility to determine the potential impact on vibration-sensitive equipment within an adjoining building.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABolingbroke Academy London
Measurement of low frequency noise breakout from plant room to adjacent dwelling. Detailed advice on remedial measures, including isolation of plant items and relocation of plant room.

Cranfield University Plant Vibration
Inspection, vibration measurements and recommendations to assist Cranfield University in minimising perceptible levels of vibration on work surfaces in offices below roof top plant.

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