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Broadmead Community Church Northampton

Broadmead Community Church, located at the corner of Park Avenue North and Broadmead Avenue, has a long history on this site ( with the first church being opened in 1932. Planning for the new church began in 2008 with a vision for a new centre. Planning permission was granted in 2012 and renewed in 2015 and in October 2017 work commenced on site with demolition works. The first phase of the building opened in January 2019 with phase two (second floor) to be completed later in 2019.

Project brief: Broadmead Community Church commissioned WBM to assist with planning and noise matters at an early stage of the project. WBM undertook detailed noise surveys at and around the site and carried out an assessment of noise at the site in terms of both noise break-out and potential noise ingress to the church building. WBM were then retained to provide a full professional acoustic service to the clients and their design team covering the building envelope acoustic design both in terms of noise ingress and egress, internal sound insulation and reverberation control. WBM were later retained to undertake a detailed assessment of M&E plant noise and to provide advice on mitigation requirements.

Acoustic aspects: The heart of a church are the halls for prayer and community use, which are the Sanctuary & Small Hall at Broadmead. These are surrounded by many supporting spaces, including a Chapel, Minister, kitchens, the Samuel Nursery, meeting rooms and offices. The range of acoustic requirements for these spaces is large and varied, presenting a diverse and interesting project in terms of acoustics where high noise areas sit adjacent to acoustically sensitive spaces.

Outcome: WBM worked closely with the Broadmead Community Church, their Project Manager Chis Haire, architects Espresso Architecture (, the main contractors Watson Cox Construction Ltd ( and Building Services Engineers, QODA (, to establish effective acoustic solutions for the building façade, internal sound separation, control of reverberation and good acoustic control for the mechanical systems. Funding for the church was raised over decades (c £2.7 million), resulting in an impressive community focused church.

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