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Noise Mapping Focus

WBM utilises SoundPLAN noise mapping software for the modelling of Bloxham Road Noise Mappingindustrial and residential developments.

Using site plans and height data a three dimensional model of such developments can be created and the propagation of noise from numerous sources in the model can be calculated with reflections as well as ground and barrier attenuation taken into account.

SoundPLAN allows the use of a variety of calculation methods including ISO-9613, BS 5228, Calculation of Road Traffic Noise (CRTN) and the IOA Good Practice Guide for ETSU-97 for wind turbines among others.

Nackington Noise MappingThe results of the calculations can be displayed as a noise contour map or can be presented as tables of data for individual receiver locations with a breakdown of the contribution of the various sources and the calculated attenuation between source and receiver.

WBM has used SoundPLAN for the modelling of mining/quarrying operations, testing of road traffic noise barriers, rail noise, input into the design/layout of residential developments, the impact of road alterations, wind turbines, solar farms, industrial plant sites and M&E plant on commercial buildings.

Examples of our work in this area include:

West Kettering Residential Development
Input into the design/layout and phasing of the residential development to minimise the noise impact of the nearby dual carriageway (read more…)

Bloxham Road, Banbury
Assessment of the noise impact of changes to the road layout and alteration of the speed limit due to a new residential development.

Alpha Lake Ecological and Landscape Enhancements
Assessment of the noise impact on nearby residences and wildlife in the adjacent nature reserve of proposed shallowing of the lake by means of imported material.

Manor Farm Tetsworth Road Traffic Noise Bunding
Examining the effectiveness of proposed bunding between the property and the M40.

Aggregate Industries Bardon Hill Quarry Extension
Model of the ongoing activities on site and in a substantial extension area to accompany a planning application.

Nackington Solar Park
Examination of the noise impact on nearby residences of a proposed solar farm.

Foxhills Residential Development, Brackley
Assessment of the road traffic noise impact on a proposed residential development.

Napleton Lodge Wind Turbine
Noise assessment to support a planning application for the construction of a wind turbine near Raunds.

Odeon Farnham
Modelling of the noise levels due to the operation of M&E plant on the roof of a cinema.

HS2 Tunnel relocation
Modelled the noise implications of the relocation of a proposed tunnel for HS2 for a group of local residents.

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